Sunday, July 29, 2012

Laid Up and Waiting

By Steve Peterson

When I started running again about 5 months ago after many years off, I dealt with all the beginner walls, and got over each one; the first full mile run (no walking), hitting 2 miles, getting off the mill and out onto the street. I picked up miles each week, keeping pace fairly consistent.

I pushed it. I found a few of those "run forever" moments, where it was a time commitment or the possibility of a growing hotspot that kept me from an otherwise epic run. One day, about 7 weeks back, I decided to stay out. I kept going longer than I thought I could.

Two days later on my pre-sunrise route along the Jersey City waterfront, my right knee became a hot flash of pain that would not let up. My form fell apart and I hobbled home. Stairs were torture over the next few days. Each additional run brought the pain back.

I let up for a few days, then pushed again, finding the same aches and pain around mile 2. I started physical therapy. Things seemed to be getting better.

Then I chose to have an old anemia issue resolved with some uncomfortable surgery. Just when I wanted to be pushing again, I'm laid up and waiting for the pain of the surgery to subside. The pain is making me nuts, but worse is that I haven't run in 5 days. These 5 will most likely grow to 10. And I wait.