Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Ending 10/27/2013

I was going into this week knowing that I had to turn some type of corner, that last week was a bottom. It had to get better.

Started the week well motivated and got out a few times. Eventually, the cumulative affect of two sniffly, snotty kids put an end to it.

I found redemption by getting out on the trails with some folks from my running club. It was cold, and a hard run, but it made up for the last two weeks of no effort.

Mon - 0:29:45 - 3.65 miles (275') - Short (cold) Loop
After basically the last week off from running, I finally dragged myself from the hole I've been living in to get a quick, very cold run under a morning nearly-full moon. I was caught off-guard a bit by the cold temp but it helped move me along. Feeling out of shape, but I was happy to know that I can still get up and get out at 5am.

Tue - 0:52:12 - 6.05 miles (800') - New Prov Loop w. Powerlines thrown in
Had a chance to get out and run when the sun was up so I threw in a quick climb of the powerlines. It's a 300' climb with an average grade of about 25%. Hard not to stop and enjoy the view, but I use this climb to find a quick burn before I hit the roads for a few miles.

View from the top of the powerlines. What you can't see if the drop-off.

Wed - Sick children had me up all night

Thurs - Ditto

Fri - Now I'm starting to feel the cold

Sat - 2:00:00 - 11.2 miles (1800') - Sierra Trail with Watchung Res. Running Club
Out for a very early, very cold morning run of the Sierra Trail. Again, hit the ridge line at sunrise. Got a spend a few seconds looking at the glowing horizon. Picked up the pace the last few miles and turned this into a tempo run. Overall, felt great but started to get sloppy towards the end. Nothing like catching a toe on a root and doing the 10-step catch-up-to-your-head-dance to wake you out of your morning fog.

Separate note, had an opportunity to discuss running The Devil's Path with Brett after the winter. I've been intrigued by this and was happy to find someone thinking the same thing as me. Going to have to spend the winter doing my research.

Sun - 1:00:00 - 3 miles (600') - Chimney Rock Park Trails
A family hike along Chimney Rock's trails. Roman lead the way. Legs were tight and ankle a little tender from some of my toe-slams from the day before, so this was a nice way to loosen up and enjoy some time with the family. I like hiking with Marcus attached. 25 lbs of weight is noticeable.

Miles: 23.9
Hours: 4:21:57
Elevation: 3,475'

Had to include something from this man. Had a big impact on my early years.

Monday, October 21, 2013

It Gets Worse

I pretty much gave up this week. No sleep so the days never came together.

Decided to ride out the low like a fever to see if things would clear up on Monday. Happy to at least get some time on the trails with the kiddles. Hiking while wearing Marcus is good leg work. Like a weight vest. The kid is a tank.

Week ending 10/20/13

Mon - 1 mile (0') - Running with Roman
Had the opportunity to run a bit with my four year old. For a quick run, this was one of my happiest in a long time. Made me look forward to future runs with the boys as they get older. The kid can move pretty well and likes to weave around in front of me like it is a game. Felt like I was running with my cat.

Tue - No sleep, couldn't do it

Wed - Nothing

Thurs - "Rest" day

Fri - Another big day of nothing

Sat - 1:30:00 - 3 miles (500') - Hike and Seek
Got out for a hiking event with Roman. We went at his pace but had a great time working the trails. Nothing makes me happier than meandering with my boys.

Roman working as my guide. I let him manage the pace.

Sun - 0:30:00 - 2 miles (100') - Passaic River Park (with Marcus)
Had an afternoon with my little one so I strapped him on and went for a hike. Ran into a charming 95 year-old on the trail. Said my chubby little boy looks like he will be an athlete (apparently pronounced athaleet).

The happy tank

Miles: 6.00
Hours: 2:00
Elevation: 600'

Found this one recently.


Friday, October 18, 2013

A Shameful Week

Let's see if this public shaming works as a motivator to get me out the door.

So, on to the last week's training ending October 13th. Another soft week in a month of soft weeks.

Mon - Nothing

Tue - 0:49:50 - 5.84 miles (825') - Powerline Loop
After a completely crap day at work, it felt good to get out in the dark and do some climbing. This loop winds gradually uphill through some local neighborhoods until I get underneath the lines and climb and old school trail. Weird to do this much climbing in the dark, but sometimes its better when you can't see the top. The woods were cool and misty. Felt the Halloween season approaching. A bit spooky.

Wed - Zilch

Thurs - 0:37:51 - 4.5 miles (375') - Summit to BK Heights (from the train)
Decided that I had to force myself to run (my little one has decided that sleep is for weaklings). I just haven't been able to get up at 5am to get on the road, so this time I packed my kit in a bag and brought it to work with me. On my way home, I jumped off the train a few stops early and ran it home. Nice run overall. Need to do this more.

Fri - Big plans but nothing came of it

Sat - Same a Friday

Sun - 1:05:00 - 6 miles (600') - Watchung Reservation (Off-trail and Sierra Trail)
Met up with Dave from the Watchung Reservation Running Club and his dog Sally for an easy run through the reservation. Took some semi off-trail routes which meant some leg shredding from under-used and over-grown trails. Overall, a nice run in the beautiful fall foliage.

Miles: 16.34
Hours: 2:32
Elevation: 1800'

To summarize, a pretty weak week. Consider me ashamed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My New Public Shaming Training Program

With recent lack of sleep (thank you very much infant child) and the big races behind me, I've let my training slide... likely when I could use it the most. Its sort of the "I'm not running because I'm depressed/I'm depressed because I'm not running"-conundrum.

So, I've decided on a public shaming.

Drawing from the "elites" that catalog their weekly training, I thought I try the same. Obviously few will care and none will be impressed with my lazy exercises and infrequent miles. To me, though, it could work as motivation. If I believe that one person out there who may inspire me with their own efforts or results could happen upon a post of mine, outlining a potentially weak set of training results, then I can hope to use it as the driver to get up and get out there when the rest of the world is sleeping. It isn't always easy or fun, but that motivation from shame may help me in many ways.

Let's see if it works. Next up, last week's lack of training.

The Jam - Funeral Pyre

Friday, October 11, 2013

A record attempt in the past

While digging around in my Instapaper app today I found an old blog post from Eric Grossman at Explore Fatigue.

Happy to have re-discovered it as it provided just the right amount of inspiration to close out an otherwise dulling work week. I literally needed inspiration just to get up and leave my desk.

He captures it beautifully.

"When you start your first 2200-mile journey on foot you will be wrong about something. Maybe you will overestimate how much weight you can carry. Maybe you will underestimate how many miles you can walk in a day. There are countless decisions you will have to make for yourself and you will have to change your mind about some things. And here’s what I love about big, physical challenges: to finish you will eventually have to get it right."

I guess I now need to do some research to find how he fared in his attempt.