Monday, October 21, 2013

It Gets Worse

I pretty much gave up this week. No sleep so the days never came together.

Decided to ride out the low like a fever to see if things would clear up on Monday. Happy to at least get some time on the trails with the kiddles. Hiking while wearing Marcus is good leg work. Like a weight vest. The kid is a tank.

Week ending 10/20/13

Mon - 1 mile (0') - Running with Roman
Had the opportunity to run a bit with my four year old. For a quick run, this was one of my happiest in a long time. Made me look forward to future runs with the boys as they get older. The kid can move pretty well and likes to weave around in front of me like it is a game. Felt like I was running with my cat.

Tue - No sleep, couldn't do it

Wed - Nothing

Thurs - "Rest" day

Fri - Another big day of nothing

Sat - 1:30:00 - 3 miles (500') - Hike and Seek
Got out for a hiking event with Roman. We went at his pace but had a great time working the trails. Nothing makes me happier than meandering with my boys.

Roman working as my guide. I let him manage the pace.

Sun - 0:30:00 - 2 miles (100') - Passaic River Park (with Marcus)
Had an afternoon with my little one so I strapped him on and went for a hike. Ran into a charming 95 year-old on the trail. Said my chubby little boy looks like he will be an athlete (apparently pronounced athaleet).

The happy tank

Miles: 6.00
Hours: 2:00
Elevation: 600'

Found this one recently.