Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Silly Project

I feel like I use this blog mostly to complain. What should have been thoughts about running became thoughts about not running. And so we begin...

0:56:53 - 6.53 miles (1300') - A Silly Project
I hadn't run this week (blah blah blah), so I figured I needed to make this one fun. It was an early morning run in 20 degree blustery winter feel. I needed this one to be more than a simple loop of the town so I finally veered off my regular path to attempt a silly little project that I've had in the back of my mind for a few months.

While tapping around at work I found that the highest point in the county is just a few miles away from my house. Not high by any one's standards, but still the highest bit of land around. I decided a while back that I was going to tag it to put it behind me.

I ventured out this morning thinking that I could get up there, snap a shot and head home, all within an hours time. I knew from the maps that I could get within about a half mile of the spot by a dead-end access road. From there I would have to bushwhack up a ridge to the high point.

I headed up the road but found that the hilltop was very well marked private land. There was a posting about every 50 feet along the road. I worked my way up the road to find a spot to bolt up the hill into the woods but couldn't find the spot. I eventually decided to attempt it again either early morning or around dusk when I would be less conspicuous. At exactly the moment I decided to move on and try another day, a big truck came down the road, slowing to my pace as I trotted back along the road. I gave a nod in the "I'm just out for a jog", and they moved on.

I think I need more projects like this to drive me in these low times. Devil's Path next summer should do it.

He Would Have Laughed by Deerhunter. Great song.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week Ending 11/3/13

Be consistent.

Most would say that this is trick. Even if you only have a few minutes to get your run in, do it.

This is where I fail. I'm becoming quiet good at failing.

Mon - Nothing
Cold starting creeping in (thank you child that puts everything in your mouth). This will be a theme for the next two weeks as this thing destroys me.

Tue - Nothing

10/30/13 -10/31/13 - 11/01/13
More nothing. Getting good at it.

Saturday 1.0 - 0:43:42 - 4.63 miles (725') - Powerlines with a little added misery
Not my best one. Don't know if it was that I hadn't run in 6 days, the cold wreaking havoc on my body and mind, or the cheeseburger in my tummy, but this one was a sufferfest. Thought I'd do some repeats of my powerline climb but after the first one, nearly booted the lunch from a few hours earlier. Was going to bring it home after that but decided that if I was going to feel like crap, I might as well enjoy it. So, I linked up to my local trails and ran a few more miles before calling it quits.

Saturday 2.0 - 0:30:00 - 2.00 miles (100') - Passaic River Parkway Trail w/Marcus
After my earlier failed run, took "The Tank" for a hike. Wearing him is good for my legs so it was nice to get out there for a little clean-out.

Sunday - 0:48:04 - 5.64 miles (1000') - Watchung Res to home by way of Pink Trail
Went to the nature center at Watchung Reservation with the family. Ran home from there. Pink Trail to a link-up with the road home. A lot of climbing for a short run. Tried to power through the climbs to make up for yesterday's failure. Felt like my first good run in a while.

Miles: 12.2
Hours: 2:01:46
Elevation: 1,825'

Don't know why I chose this one. Just takes me 
back to high school.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Finding Motivation

As winter darkness creeps in and the days get shorter, I discovered a timely post from Gary Robbins on finding that motivation to continue on, to keep moving when the weather heads south.

It's no secret that I've found it hard lately to strap on the headlamp and pound out miles on the dark streets and trails. Just as he states, for me it is not due to any physical issue. The struggle is all in my head.

So, I will try to use some of his numbered techniques to see if it can get through the darkness to my next big race.

I used #9 (Give it Twenty) this weekend and as always, it worked. I felt awful after a steep climb. My plan was to cruise down and do a few repeats of the hill, but after sweating my way up, I was more concerned with keeping my stomach intact. I was about to turn-in but I forced myself to take a right and veer off on a path that would draw a few more miles out of me. It med me tighten up an un-do whatever was done by my big lunch and big climb.

I got home a little more tired than I would have liked but with not a single regret about the run.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why We Run

For those who have known me over the years or followed my ramblings on social media, they may have been witness to a fairly dramatic transition over the last two years. A few years back, I was not really a runner. I may have run occasionally when some bit of fear was chasing me, but I did not identify myself as a runner.

Now I talk, write, post constantly about running.  I think about it constantly, not only why I run, but why I now have to allow it to envelop me. I've attempted to write about this new identity before here on this blog, though I think I will be struggling with this one for years.

Enter the new episode from Solomon Running TV. Bernd Heinrich is an inspiration and captures the essence of what I have been chasing for some time. I could watch this man for hours.

"The essential thing is to run, period... and to do it for a long time, and consistently. Then everything takes care of itself."