Friday, October 11, 2013

A record attempt in the past

While digging around in my Instapaper app today I found an old blog post from Eric Grossman at Explore Fatigue.

Happy to have re-discovered it as it provided just the right amount of inspiration to close out an otherwise dulling work week. I literally needed inspiration just to get up and leave my desk.

He captures it beautifully.

"When you start your first 2200-mile journey on foot you will be wrong about something. Maybe you will overestimate how much weight you can carry. Maybe you will underestimate how many miles you can walk in a day. There are countless decisions you will have to make for yourself and you will have to change your mind about some things. And here’s what I love about big, physical challenges: to finish you will eventually have to get it right."

I guess I now need to do some research to find how he fared in his attempt.